Competition Design for a New Town Hall in Wilhelmshaven
The listed cultural center Pumpwerk as urban campus

According to our competition design, the Pumpwerk cultural center in Wilhelmshaven will become an urban campus for events, with a festival lawn, playgrounds and sports facilities. The listed main building of the pumping station will be renovated and neighboring buildings, such as the city hall, will be added. To ensure that the pumping station is accessible from the town square, the spacious, transparent foyer will be positioned on the north side. The town square will be raised to 2.40 meters. The organization of uses such as catering, cloakrooms and toilets as a pavilion-like structure around the historic pumping station building allows it to be used for both indoor and outdoor events.

The City Hall is conceived as a multifunctional, clearly designed building that refers to its location. The motif of the industrial halls of the early 20th century predominates. The facade is equipped with LED strip lighting to announce event. The main entrance to the Stadthalle is located on Jadeallee. Thanks to the symmetrical structure, the hall can be divided for parallel events.

Design: caspar., Breimann & Cie GmbH & Co. KG, WSP Germany
Awarding authority: City of Wilhelmshaven
Visualization: © Filippo Bolognese Images