Competition Design for M25 in Berlin
From a department store to mixed use

In the course of a workshop process, we planned a concept with KARRES EN BRANDS for the redevelopment of a mixed-use building complex with retail, office, residential and complementary uses at Müllerstraße 25 in Berlin-Wedding.

The current Karstadt building will be divided into five individual buildings grouped around a central courtyard – a city within a city. The volume will be reduced by one storey to five upper floors. At the edge of the block, a roof landscape of two to three storeys will be created. A seven-storey building, at the northern end, provides space for residential accommodation. By removing parts of the existing building, an internal plaza will be created. In the south-west an external staircase provides access to the roof garden, which can be used by the public and includes an amphitheatre.

M25 is a highly inclusive building that provides spaces for everyone. Its highly flexible, layered outdoor spaces allow a natural transition from public to private spaces. At the same time, the landscape concept provides carefully choreographed spaces for flora and fauna.

Congratulations to Baumschlager Eberle Architekten for the 1st prize!

Design: caspar., KARRES EN BRANDS, Werner Sobek, Veomeo, hhpberlin
Awarding authority: SIGNA
Visualization: © caspar./THIRD