Competition Design for Hopfenmarkt and Neue Burg in Hamburg
Nachhaltiger Platz und eine Reise durch die Zeit

In the course of a non-open, two-phase competition, together with Djao-Rakitine, we developed a concept for the redesign of “Hopfenmarkt.”

Above the excavation site an “Archaeological Window” is supposed to open a view into the past. Our proposal for “Hopfenmarkt” aimed to create a sustainable place for the city and its people, while bringing together different layers of historical heritage through the development of the museum. We designed different typologies of spaces for different uses: the linden grove, the hill, its reflective exhibition glass, the museum pavilion, the fountain plaza, and the planted Willy Brandt Street. To create a pedestrian-friendly environment, most of the square would be cleared of cars.

The architectural concept of the Archaeological Window Neue Burg is closely connected with the open space design of “Hopfenmarkt” and the history of the site. The minimal building mass of the pavilion as an ensemble with a lawn mound and exhibition glass has a strong presence and attraction. Most of the existing linden trees will be retained and supplemented with newly planted ones. A mix of native tree species will also be added to enhance local biodiversity. Porous and permeable areas will be maximized to allow for widespread stormwater infiltration. Recycled and recyclable materials are preferred throughout the project. The museum’s organization and architecture complement the archaeological window experience. By using augmented reality technology, visitors can experience the different historical periods on the model and “travel through time.”

Congratulations to Duplex Architekten for first prize!

Design: caspar., Djao-Rakitine, Werner Sobek, hhpberlin
Awarding authority: Sprinkenhof GmbH and City of Hamburg
Visualization: © Djao-Rakitine with caspar.