3rd Prize for the Office Ensemble Domspitzen in Cologne
New urbanity in the historic Kunibertsviertel

In Cologne’s Kunibertsviertel, we have created a defining, flexible and sustainable office ensemble with a gross floor area of 11,121 m², which was awarded 3rd prize in the competition.

The design makes a strong contribution to the urbanity and vibrancy of the surroundings, while restoring and complementing the historic urban fabric of the neighbourhood. The building is divided into different volumes, with the main structure standing out in its orientation and design. The adjacent structures, with their projections and recesses, contribute to the integration into the urban environment by integrating stepped storeys and taking up the scale of the neighbouring buildings. Towards Domstrasse and the exit to the station at Breslauer Platz, the building line is set back slightly into the site to create additional inviting outdoor space and to follow the building line of the neighbouring buildings.

Public, activating uses on the ground floor invite visitors to the Domspitzen office ensemble: a café, a restaurant facing Breslauer Platz and a retail unit facing Altenberger Strasse as well as the two-storey entrance lobby to the offices with a total usable area of 9,194 m². The entrance to the underground car park and the ground-floor bicycle garage, e-bike stations, and end of trip facilities is located on Brandenburger Strasse. Thanks to flexible floor plans, the office worlds allow for individual working – from cellular offices to landscapes for agile teamwork. Outdoor green spaces on almost every floor provide a direct connection to nature. The green roofs and terraces also serve as communication areas. The plants also improve the urban climate and contribute to a healthy working environment.

The materiality of the facade refers to the volcanic trachyte used in Cologne Cathedral. The local material, combined with brass-coloured windows, creates a recognition value. Three facade types with vertical stone elements of different widths create a textured appearance. Horizontal concave bands on the floor slabs, together with the angled verticals of the Gothic arches of the facade concept, reinforce the reference to the cathedral spires. Congratulations to Astoc for the 1st and Hadi Teherani for the 2nd prize!

Design: caspar., Werner Sobek, hhpberlin
Client: Pandion AG
Visualization: © caspar./artefactorylab