3rd Prize for the Transformation of Fliegerhorst Fürstenfeldbruck
Urban extension with cultural history

On the site of the former airbase in Fürstenfeldbruck, a new residential and working neighbourhood is to be created. Our joint design with Schellenberg + Bäumler Architekten GmbH and studio grüngrau Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH was awarded 3rd prize in the competition.

The basic structure is defined by the landscape and the cultural history of the site. It is inspired by the history of settlement, nature, the surrounding forests and the open spaces. With regard to the city as a whole, the urban expansion is used to achieve an ecological structuring and biotope networking of the landscape. A new green ring and additional open space corridors towards the Amper River integrate the airbase into the overarching urban and open space structure.

The three settlement structures – Forest Islands, Urban Nature and Campus Fields – each adapt to the landscape. In the forest islands, low-density village neighbourhoods are juxtaposed with high-density urban model groups. In the urban-natural area, mixed-use everyday neighbourhoods and residential areas are created alongside the centre with its supply function. Different building typologies enable a wide range of housing types and thus a heterogeneous neighbourhood. The campus areas will become attractive workplaces with urban qualities: a research park with a biodrome, a business park and an education park with flexible structures. With the aim of creating open spaces and at the same time increasing structural density, the Fliegerhorst will become a new place with recreational, educational and health facilities that will radiate far beyond Fürstenfeldbruck.

Concept team: caspar. | Schellenberg + Bäumler Architekten GmbH | studio grüngrau Landschaftsarchitektur GmbH
Awardin authority: City of Fürstenfeldbruck
Visualization: © Schellenberg + Bäumler/Paul Trakies