Project Start at Lindenhof in Meerbusch
The historical ensemble will be preserved in a completely new way

We are revitalizing the Lindenhof in Meerbusch. The original ensemble will be preserved in a, so to say, completely new way.

The gastronomical tradition will be continued, in addition, there will be new living facilities. The listed buildings from 1861, 1862, 1906 and 1930 will be renovated and energy-efficiently upgraded, while the parts of the building from 1940 that are not listed will be dismantled and replaced by new buildings in timber construction that are true to scale. What makes the conversion and extension so interesting, both for the architects and for future users, is the way it deals with old and new. It was not only a question of what we can preserve and reuse, but above all how much bound CO2 remains in the existing building and how we can plan in such a way that minimal CO2 is emitted during the construction phase and a CO2-positive balance is achieved during the operating phase. After all, as many of the materials used as possible should be reused oder recycled.

Client: C&C Lindenhof GbR
Visualization: © caspar./moka-studio