Completed! The Heinrich Campus in Düsseldorf
An interface between office and industrial architecture

The Heinrich Campus in Düsseldorf has been completed.

A complex for the new Deloitte office was built on the former site of the Road Traffic Department. The three-story ensemble in a modern interpretation of brick was built di-rectly on the feeder road to Düsseldorf city center. caspar. and Quantum won the investor selection process with their design. Built as a reinforced skeleton, the campus provides state-of-the-art office space for up to 2,000 employees on a gross floor area of almost 70,000 m², of which approximately 42.000 m² is above ground. Not only because of ist location, but also visually, the building is an interface between office and industrial architecture.
With around 260,000 clinker bricks installed, the Heinrich Campus facade is our largest and one of the largest classical clinker brick facades in Düsseldorf. A slight offset in the northern building line breaks up the length and width and creates rhythm. The result is three buildings that increase in height from 5 to 7 storys along Heinrich-Ehrhardt-Strasse, culminating at Rather Strasse. The color gradation, created by choosing a slightly iridescent firing of the clinker, is very subtle, so that the color tone differs by one nuance from building to building. Tension is created at the rounded corners of the building, where the perforated facade, with ist widened window openings and curves panes, provides scope for staging the curve. Openings in the uniform perforated facade are ac-centuated by a horizontal clinker ornament.

Client: Quantum Projektentwicklung GmbH, Hamburg
Photos: © caspar./HGEsch