Competition Design for the Heumarkt in Cologne
Urban clarity in a historical context

During an urban development workshop procedure of HANSAINVEST Real Assets, we developed a concept for the construction of a new office and commercial building.

The image of Cologne’s Heumarkt is characterized by medieval typology with uniform facade arrangement and varying house widths and heights. The design fits in here with urban clarity as a simple volume with set-back gable roofs, the so-called Cologne roof. The perforated facade of the neighboring buildings is reinterpreted: Towards Heumarkt, it is divided into four sections with large-sized terrazzo elements and gives the new block an overall identity. The exits in the east façade and loggias in the gable areas react to the Heumarkt and connect the building with Deutzer Brücke and the silhouette of the other side of the Rhine.

The building presents itself as an open house with a high degree of flexibility and accessibility.

Congrats to Thomas Kröger Architekten on the first prize and winning design!

Design: caspar., knippershelbig, hhpberlin, GREAID
Awarding authority: HANSAINVEST Real Assets GmbH
Visualization: © caspar./moka-studio