Top Contender for the New Center for Thon
Three new buildings for Nuremberg

Our design was a top contender in the implementation competition for developing the Nuremberg Thon district’s new center, earning fourth place in a field of fourteen contestants.

Based on the results of an urban planning ideas competition, building sections to the north and west of a central district square and covering a total area of about 8,800 square meters are planned for Thon’s new center. The design of the square, which alone comprises 2,000 square meters, constitutes an important element.

In our design three new buildings positioned around a district square provide a measure of urbanity. The focus is on people, in that the village-like framework hosts a connected mix of uses that includes a community center, restaurants, retail spaces, offices and co-working spaces, a recording studio, a sky bar, and mobility. The first is the eleven-story high-rise. The central building to the north varies between five and six stories, and its distinctive pitched roof is a tribute to historic Thon. The buildings are of timber and hybrid timber construction. Based on the cradle-to-cradle principle, the healthy materials selected are easily dismantled, can be sorted by material type, and are fully recyclable. The square planted with conifers is a place of communication and interaction. Landscaped islands improve both the “quality of stay” and the microclimate. Round benches and a fountain are invitations to linger.

Visualization: © caspar./bloomimages