Competition Design for HFM in Stuttgart
Sculptural building as a creative meeting place

During a Europe-wide competition, the City of Stuttgart planned a “House for Film and Media”. Between Leonhardsvorstadt and Altstadt – our design connects these two parts of the city. The “HFM” is five storeys high and manages, through an stacking of the spatial programme, to avoid creating a rear side to the surrounding urban space, but rather to open up towards the city. The building acts as a place of communication, as a meeting place that brings together visitors. A place where young and old, digital native and non-digital native can enjoy and create art – open to social diversity and a maximum of flexibility. Its architecture invites to experience the building and become part of this multimedia complex.

Congratulations to the winners Delugan Meissl Associated Architects with Wenzel+Wenzel!

Design: caspar., Djao-Rakitine, Werner Sobek, Engenhart Designstudio, hhpberlin
Awarding authority: City of Stuttgart
Visualization: © caspar./moka-studio