Competition Success for a Bridge for the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital
With a slight curve

Our design, which we submitted to the competition for a bridge for the Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital together with Werber Sobek, has won!

In order to connect the helicopter landing platform with the neighbouring Helios Clinic, the hospital is planning a bridge that will transport patients faster and more safely. The 80-metre-long bridge crosses Franz-Lust-Strasse in Karlsruhe with a slight curve and flows into the urban context: a dynamic and at the same time calm body that subordinates itself architecturally and carefully unfolds its aesthetic effect. Light colours and materials pick up on the canon of the clinic buildings. Branching sculptural fork pillars refer to the neighbouring trees and create a filigree and economical load-bearing structure.

Client: Städtisches Klinikum Karlsruhe
Visualization: © caspar./Paul Trakies