Competition Design for the Württembergisches Staatstheater Stuttgart
“Tempora” – Identification, function, time, and aestheticts organically connected

The design by caspar. and RAU for the Württemberg State Theatre in Stuttgart, which is to be located on Area C1 around Wagenhallen during the renovation and expansion of the main building, turns Sharoun’s Weinberg principle inside out. The stair-shaped structure of the vineyard generates terraces and sees itself as part of an ecologically and socially conceived urban development. Many components can be dismantled after use until 2037 and integrated into the Maker City in the sense of sustainable reuse. Probably the most important (and at the same time eponymous) aspect of the design is to think and design the physical and temporal structure of the facility together as a multi-stage process: “Tempora”.

The heart of the temporary opera house – the auditorium, stage and stage tower – are steel structures that can be reused in their entirety. Our design stands for the systematically organised responsibility that is the economic, legal and cultural basis for a future system architecture, which we call RE-sponsibility.

Congratulations to a+r Architekten with NL Architects for the first prize!

Design: caspar., RAU, Nagata Acoustics, itv, knippershelbig, IB Hausladen, hhpberlin Ingenieure für Brandschutz GmbH, OKRA landschapsarchitecten
Awarding authority: City of Stuttgart
Visualization: © caspar./moka-studio