Topping-out Ceremony for Düsseldorf’s Future-Forward Quarter
A new urban home, driving the city forward

Deiker Höfe, a new quarter in the north of Düsseldorf, is a community in the making. The topping-out ceremony on October 24 marked a significant milestone, with the Rheinische Post newspaper aptly describing it as a “Zukunftsquartier” (future quarter). And this future wears many faces, much like the Deiker Höfe itself – a cohesive yet multifaceted complex with two distinct personalities depending on your vantage point. From the massive Danziger Strasse, drivers are greeted by an elegant, curved ribbon of glass and wooden lamellas. But approach it from the Stockum residential area, and the development takes on a more organic, village-like appearance with a human scale. The Deiker Höfe buildings are ambassadors, putting people first over architecture. After all, this is a place that 1,200 individuals – from singles to larger families – will call their home and place of work.
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