E=mc² for Downtown Ulm
Sedelhöfe – a new urban hub

Albert Einstein taught us the profound connection between mass and energy, captured in his groundbreaking equation E=mc². Einstein was born in Ulm, the very city where the Sedelhöfe now stands – a vibrant mixed-use quarter realized according to our plans. Inspired by Einstein’s insight, we adapted his equation into an urban planning formula of our own. The ensemble is the result of our aspiration to inject new life and energy (E) into Ulm’s city center through the skillful use of mass (m), for example by slowing down the speed (c) of everyday life by creating quality public spaces and an inviting streetscape that encourages people to leisurely stroll and linger. Stand in the heart of the Sedelhöfe at Albert-Einstein-Square, open to all sides, and you’ll immediately feel the effect: deceleration = energy.
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caspar.e-Letter No. 19

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