New Deloitte Campus in Düsseldorf
Urban development meets innovative New Work architecture

The Heinrich Campus in Düsseldorf blends urban development with innovative New Work architecture to create something doubly outstanding.
New Work is an important but sometimes misleading term for the profound transformation that the concept of the office – and the associated work life – has undergone in recent years. But it’s become the decisive keyword, emphasizing a shift toward “new ways of working” or “reimagined office culture” rather than just “new work.” This evolution demands greater flexibility, individualization and work-life balance without trivializing the everyday office experience by turning it into a gimmicky lounge area with foosball-table kitsch.

With the Heinrich Campus, we aimed to strike that perfect balance – presenting a thoughtful proposal aligned with the needs of the primary tenant, Deloitte, known for its expertise in pioneering office and workplace concepts. Our efforts have been recognized with this year’s ICONIC Award in the category of Innovative Architecture.
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