We Are a Member of the BIM Allianz
More digital planning skills at caspar.

At the start of the year, our BIM team was reorganized. In consultation with experts, quality management, and the project team, the BIM workgroup will both support projects and promote strategic development and knowledge building. Thanks to our distinguished BIM coordinators, ArchiCAD experts, and experienced project team, our company has long been accumulating advanced knowledge and experience in model-based project work. BIM is being further consolidated as a planning method at caspar. As a result, not only has our planning structure significantly changed, but we’ve also created another platform for interdisciplinary interaction with other planning partners. The BIM team’s first task will be to design a strategy by means of which this knowledge and experience can best be accessed and the top-priority topics of cost management and sustainability management can be implemented.

The BIM team will also keep an eye out for additional, exciting digitization topics like point clouds, augmented reality, construction site robotics, and software development.

With our Madaster membership, we’re already contributing to a sustainable circular economy in the construction industry and are actively promoting this aspect in the BIM Allianz.

In the meta-context of Industry 4.0 and big data, digitization is currently undergoing rapid development in planning and construction. In terms of its goals, technical aspects, participating project partners, project stages, and data content, Building Information Modelling is every bit as multifaceted and creative as the planning and construction industry itself. The German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure defines BIM as follows: “Building Information Modelling means a collaborative work method that creates and uses digital models of an asset as a basis for the consistent generation and management of information and data relevant to the asset’s life cycle as well as for the sharing or passing on of such information and data between the participants for further processing by way of transparent communication.”

Our guiding principle for BIM

For us, BIM is also Building Information Management because the only way to turn data into valuable information is by rigorously managing model data by means of quality controls, evaluations, and analyses. Establishing this management is actually associated with a renewal of planning and construction culture as a whole. We contribute to the implementation of the BIM value chain as well as to substantive sustainability management through the shared, strategically uniform preparation of projects, the collaborative exchange of digital models, a targeted and concentrated way of working, and an open and transparent way of meeting challenges across project phases and sub disciplines.

Strong together in the transformation – the BIM Allianz

For us as architects, the innovation process demanded by the digital transformation is both an opportunity and a challenge, because the list of topics covered by BIM-Change is long: fees and contractual arrangements, scopes of services, software technology, data standards, and liability laws. This being the case, BIM Allianz e.V. was founded in 2019 with the following objectives in mind:

  • Safeguarding of the interests of planning architects and specialized engineers when standardizing the Building Information Modeling planning method
  • Development of shared planning, technical, and political standpoints with regard to BIM
  • Consulting with and by professional associations, legislative bodies, and regional and national governments
  • Organization of events to share experiences
  • Development of practical standards and tools for integrating BIM in the planning process and contractual arrangements
  • Publication of the work results of the above-mentioned measures within a suitable framework
  • Promotion of scientific training and continuing education as well as research on BIM

We’re pleased that our membership will now allow us to actively participate in the professional discourse on the association level and in this way, to influence what we consider to be appropriate industry standardization. With access to project templates, the online database, and a very active network of colleagues, we also hope that the quality of our project work will be directly enhanced.

About the BIM Allianz