“Der Nachhalt” is published!
The prologue to the new publication series
  • Author

    Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer

  • Editoria team

    Michael Kuhn (CBDO and Head of Communications, caspar.)

    Joachim Otte (Editorial Management, caspar.)

    Simone Hamm (caspar.)

    Christian Brensing

    Kathrin Albrecht

    Florian Sautter (caspar.)

    Sandra Waßmer (caspar.)

    Sophia Engler (caspar.)

  • Design + Layout

    Studio für Gestaltung, Cologne

  • Publishing house

    Wasmuth & Zohlen, Berlin

  • Softcover, 308 pages, German/English, 32 infographics, 72 fig.

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  • Retail price

    28 Euro

Architect Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer admits that he needs to rethink his stance in light of the escalating climate crisis – or at least really develop it! Just like the vast majority of architects. But he has his doubts.

On the one hand, everyone says the same thing; on the other, there are contradictions at every turn. Before Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer can find his stance, he has to go through the labyrinth following a guiding thread. “Der Nachhalt” is the title of a series of publications that documents and underpins the transformation of the architecture studio of caspar. into a specialist in sustainable construction. The “Prologue” is dedicated to the prerequisites for this task. This volume presents numerous facts and positions relating to sustainability in an informative, graphic manner, with just the right sense of irony and provocation.

To accompany and expand the “Nachhalt” digitally, we have set up the site dernachhalt.com. There you will find news and interesting facts on the topic; articles, conversations, graphics, opinions and much more.

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