Book Launch in Munich
How does sustainable building begin?

Within a span of four months, both an engineer and an architecture firm independently released books on sustainable building: Werner Sobek’s “non nobis – About Building in the Future, Volume 1: You Have to Start from What is There” in January 2022, and our “Prologue,” Volume 1 of the series “Der Nachhalt,” in May. Both books mark the beginning of a series of publications, and both focus not on immediate action but on its prerequisites and conditions. Because both recognize that we need to pause and assess where we truly stand: at the beginning.

Jeanne-Marie Ehbauer is also at the start of her career as Munich’s newly appointed building officer: “The 54-year-old therefore holds a pivotal role in achieving the ambitious climate targets and reshaping public spaces” (SZ newspaper). And Stefanie Weidner, as Director of Sustainability Strategies at Werner Sobek and head of its Copenhagen office, played a key role in creating “non nobis,” a brilliant collection and analysis of data. Meanwhile, in “Prologue,” I propose that a fact-based determination of one’s location can serve as a starting point for finding one’s stance on sustainability. Jeanne-Marie Ehbauer also has to familiarize herself with her new setting in Munich. I asked her whether she already has a clear stance on this during a conversation with her and Stefanie Weidner, moderated by Nicola Borgmann from Architekturgalerie München. I am honored, delighted, and grateful for such an opportunity for public, personal, and professional exchange.
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