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Published by Wasmuth & Zohlen Verlag

“Architect Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer admits that he needs to rethink his stance in light of the escalating climate crisis – or at least really develop it! Just like the vast majority of architects. But he has his doubts. On the one hand, everyone says the same thing; on the other, there are contradictions at every turn. Before Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer can find his stance, he has to go through the labyrinth following a guiding thread. ‘Der Nachhalt’ is the title of a series of publications that documents and underpins the transformation of the architecture office of caspar. into a specialist in sustainable construction. ‘Prologue’ is dedicated to the prerequisites for this task.”

This is the blurb for “Prologue,” our second book, following “Retail in Transition.” And it’s pretty accurate, because we’ve heard the wake-up call on sustainability, repeatedly. Yes, we’ve achieved platinum certifications and adorned buildings with lush greenery and solar panels. But it’s not enough. We know it, you know it, we all know the truth – let’s be honest. “Prologue,” published by Wasmuth & Zohlen Verlag, is first and foremost an act of honesty. Despite our expertise, we at caspar. are merely at the beginning. We dare to voice this, knowing many colleagues feel the same way. “Prologue” serves as a starting point, a beginning, for us. And to the extent we can speak on behalf of others, it shows a possible path forward for many. This book aims to inform, entertain, and offer actionable suggestions. Moreover, it could perhaps contribute to a theory, even a philosophy, of sustainability. And all this in English, too.
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