Our DBZ Issue Partnership
“The city center is dead, long live the city center”

Our office is partnering on an issue of the prestigious Deutsche Bauzeitschrift (DBZ) magazine. Many thanks for giving us the honor of curating the issue 12/2022 on retail trade in collaboration with the editorial department and for allowing us to formulate positions. “Retail will play an important role in the work of reshaping our cities.” A personal viewpoint and a technical article bring the cover story into focus.

“The conditions for retail trade have always changed with the times. However, the retailers have not only responded, but have also set new trends, a tradition that can show us ways to escape the current crisis ….”

Projects serving as examples include CORE in Oldenburg by ANGELIS & Partner, Oldenburg; REWE Green Farming in Wiesbaden by ACME, London/GB; the Danube district in Passau by RKW Architektur+, Düsseldorf; and our Sedelhöfe in Ulm.

Have a good read!

DBZ 12/2022