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Gespräche über Nachhaltigkeit, Zukunft und Transformation

“Scale:Human” is the podcast by Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer, founder and owner of the architecture studio caspar. with around 120 employees and offices in Cologne and Hamburg.

Building today always means building sustainably. We have to build in new and different ways –and that is not just a matter of design. Let’s face it, to this day nobody actually knows what sustainability is, exactly, and how it is supposed to work. The only thing that is certain is that lateral, networked thinking is more important than ever. Architecture and urban planning; social and political, economic and ecological, digital and analog – it all has to come together, converge, become congruent, ideally.

This is why Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer meets with different actors from different countries to discuss different topics. But the context always remains the same: sustainability, the future, transformation. And one overarching question always remains the same, too: the question of the office motto “The human scale”:

How can we put people at the center of architecture without making them the measure of all things, as we have done for far too long? Stay tuned …