Keynote Discussion at TECEconnects Perspectives
The added value of our inner cities
  • Date

    April 20, 2021, 6 p.m.

  • Location

    Live stream from the AIT-ArchitekturSalon Hamburg

  • Speakers

    Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer

    Prof. Tobias Nolte (Certain Measures)

    Julian Weyer (C.F. Møller)

    Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer (Editor-in-Chief of Baumeister)

    Prof. Elisabeth Endres (IB Hausladen)

    Marcella Hansch

  • Moderation

    Kristina Bacht (Director of AIT-ArchitekturSalons, curator and publishing director)

    Michael Schuster (Key Account Manager TECE GmbH)

“People’s experiences in a city are more important than the city’s architecture or buildings. People have to identify with their city and regard it as added value.”

In the keynote discussions of TECEconnects on April 20, 2021, at 6 p.m. in the AIT-ArchitekturSalon Hamburg, six speakers talk about prospects in architecture, sustainability, and urban development. In light of digitization and lockdowns, Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer explains the added value of our inner cities and their hidden benefits for our society and architecture.

Prof. Tobias Nolte spoke about architecture and digital perspectives. He is one of the world’s leading minds in parametric and digital design. He gave insights into the future and technology incubator of Certain Measures. Julian Weyer from C.F. Møller in Denmark presented an external view of the German architecture market from the perspective of a Scandinavian and internationally active architecture firm. Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer was concerned with creating individual space for the optimal development of people. Perspectives are fundamentally important to him – and not just since he learned classical drawing in Florence. For ten years, Prof. Dr. Alexander Gutzmer took on the external perspective as Baumeister editor-in-chief. He provided insights into the different perspectives on the architecture market. At TECEconnects, he spoke about the opportunities offered by a radical change of perspective. In her practice, teaching and research, Prof. Elisabeth Endres is concerned with the interface between architecture and technology. She focuses on the tension between passive and active components with the aim of developing robust solutions in the construction industry. According to FOCUS, Marcella Hansch is one of the one hundred women to listen to in 2020. She has received many awards for her work in the recent past and is, among other things, the goalkeeper of the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation and a board member of the Committee for the UN Decade of the Ocean 2021-2030. In her opinion, architecture is not only everywhere, it shapes the face of our planet. At TECEconnects, Marcella Hansch spoke about the future perspectives of architecture.

The event was moderated by Kristina Bacht, publishing director, curator, director of the AIT-ArchitekturSalons, together with Michael Schuster, Key Account Manager Architecture at TECE.

Photo: © caspar.