Kepler Areal
Lively place in the heart of Ludwigsburg
  • Location
  • Project
    Urbanes Bebauungskonzept auf dem Kepler-Areal mit Nutzungsmix
  • Procedure
    Einphasiger nicht-offener Realisierungswettbewerb mit Ideenteil (2. Preis)
  • Awarding authority
    Pflugfelder Unternehmensgruppe & Stadt Ludwigsburg
  • Architect of record
    Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer und Prof. Thomas Fenner
  • Landscape architecture
    studio grüngrau
  • Fire protection
  • Structural engineering/sustainability
  • Energy concept/sustainability
  • Planning period
  • Visualizations

Kepler-Areal will become a lively place in the heart of Ludwigsburg. In the immediate proximity of the main railway station, our concept, for which we won 2nd place in the realization competition with studio grüngrau, transforms the wasteland into a diverse ensemble. The triangular site is planned with efficient pentagonal buildings, whose edges respond to the strong surrounding lines of the railroad tracks, Kepler Strasse and existing buildings and allow for many visual connections. The result is a 60 m high building with approx. 11,500 m² gross floor area that will define the site far beyond its boundaries and become a landmark for the district. The 6-story hotel and apartment building is located at the corner of the Kepler Bridge and connects to the 3-story daycare center.

Green islands

The smart high-rise concept has 15 floors. Each floor has a floor area of approximately 800 m² and offers office space in two units per floor, which can be divided into cellular offices or office landscapes. A sky bar offers an impressive view over Ludwigsburg. The hotel has 95 hotel rooms on the outside and 20 apartments on the inside. The day care center with approx. 700 m² gross floor area is located on the 1st floor with direct access to the playground on the 2nd floor. Externally, the facades extend to the height of the floors and offer a generous openness to the urban square. All three buildings can be used flexibly and are convertible thanks to a standard floor height of 3.60 m. For example, the hotel can be converted into additional office space in the future.

Within the ensemble, a spacious town square connects Kepler Strasse with the northern access area to the main railway station. This is where the urban heart beats: restaurants, shops, cafés, events and the entrances to the office, hotel and nursery create a vibrant urban space linked to the redeveloped listed car park. The remarkable tree population will be fully preserved. The chosen design language of the park’s ‘islands’ will be applied in reverse to the new development. Islands of new, climate-resilient trees and seating will be created on a shared plaza. The difference in height will be overcome by a staircase and an accessible path. The nursery will have a varied outdoor space on the roof. Other roof areas are planned as retention areas with PV and extensive greenery.

Project team