Neue Mitte Thon
Creating Moments and Spaces to Connect
  • Location
  • Project
    Three new buildings with a community hall, restaurants, recording studio, offices, co-working, and local amenities
  • Procedure
    Realization competition – shortlist
  • Client
    S&P Commercial Development GmbH und Thon Plaza GmbH
  • Architect of record
    Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer
  • Landscape architecture
    club L94
  • Technical building equipment/ sustainability
    IB Hausladen
  • Structural engineering
    Werner Sobek
  • Fire protection
    Corall Ingenieure
  • Planning period
  • Gross floor area (AG/BG)
    18,700 m²/6,200 m²
  • Visualizations

The Thon district, located north of Nuremberg’s city center, displays a mixed landscape of residential and commercial buildings. However, Thon lacks a centralized hub that consolidates services, hosts events, and provides high-quality public spaces. To address this need, the city sold an approximately 8,800 square meter site, previously a streetcar loop, right in the heart of Thon to a development team. Our proposal was shortlisted in the 2021 realization competition to design the Neue Mitte Thon.

Village square

Our vision encompasses three distinct new buildings that form a sheltered neighborhood square in the northern part of the site that integrates well with the existing architecture. With a community center, a diverse array of dining options, retail spaces, offices and co-working spaces, a recording studio, and a mobility hub, the square fosters a vibrant urban mix. Serving as a community gathering spot, the square is landscaped with tall conifers, colorful planted islands, circular benches, outdoor dining areas, and a playful fountain.

Contemporary timber construction

An 11-story high-rise marks the district’s new center in the urban landscape. The main road can comfortably accommodate its height, while the building’s pronounced grid facade establishes it as a clear landmark. On the north side, a five to six story building with four gables and staggered offsets offers a smaller-scale structure that pays homage to local building traditions through its form and timber construction. The west edge of the plaza is framed by a compact, five-story building that, like the high-rise, employs cradle-to-cradle timber hybrid construction techniques. The site has pedestrian access from all sides, with car parking underground alongside a separately accessible area for bicycle parking.

Project team