Coeur Cologne
In the heart of the city, a forgotten corner transforms into a vibrant destination for working and living.
  • Location
  • Project
    New construction of an office building with commercial and residential units
  • Procedure
    Competition (1st prize, 2009)
  • Client
    Allianz Real Estate Germany, Köln
  • Architect of record
    Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer
  • Planning and construction period
  • Service phases
  • Gross floor area (AG/BG)
    16,290 m²/7,000 m²
  • Project Management
    TEAM Baumanagement
  • Technical building equipment
    Ingenieurbüro Nordhorn
  • Structural Engineering
    AWD Ingenieure
  • Fire Protection
    Ingenieurbüro Wolfang Ringause;
    Pabst & Partner Ingenieure (LPH 5)
  • Surveyor
    ISRW Dr.-Ing. Klapdor
  • Landscape Architecture
    FSWLA Landschaftsarchitektur
  • Facade Planning
    DS-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft für ganzheitliche Bauberatung
  • Building Physics
    Vermessung-SEAD Dieper & Henkel
  • This project is from the joint period of meyerschmitzmorkramer.

In the heart of Cologne, where the majestic Cologne Cathedral and the bustling central train station create a unique juxtaposition that defines the city skyline, a major revitalization effort launched in the late 2010s. Structural and infrastructural changes reallocated traffic areas and transformed public spaces into inviting, well-lit environments. While the strong cultural character of the cathedral side was accentuated, Breslauer Platz required a fresh identity. Given the high functional demands and heavy streams of travelers using various modes of transport converging at this junction, the aim was to showcase the spirit of a modern metropolis. In 2017, we replaced a cluster of aging postwar buildings with the Coeur Cologne, offering the urban landscape a fittingly representative centerpiece.

Window to the city, garden to the sky

The office and residential building, spanning four to eight stories, is fitted precisely within the triangular plot. It features a rounded tip and slight offsets in height and depth that distinguish it from neighboring structures. The dynamic cubature exudes a sense of calm and confidence through its consistent cladding – a finely detailed aluminum grid facade – making a striking statement on Breslauer Platz. Across from the train station entrance, the entrance to Coeur Cologne is integrated into the facade grid as a four-story window wall, extending into the building’s interior as an expansive, glass-covered atrium. A higher window wall/atrium echoes this interplay of light and vistas. Spanning 14,000 square meters of rental space occupied by the HRS Group as the sole tenant, the layout meanders around the recesses, creating a lively office environment where about three-quarters of the workstations enjoy views of the cathedral. Another highlight is the glass-enclosed “sky garden” on the eighth floor at the tip of the building.

Living with scenic vistas

With its six rental apartments, Coeur Cologne aims to integrate with the smaller architecture of Kunibertsviertel, a neighborhood that maintains a distinctly bourgeois character. Although it presents as a four-story structure from the street, two recessed stories are concealed from view. Two of the custom-designed residences are barrier-free, while one is a maisonette. All units feature private outdoor space – balconies overlooking the landscaped courtyard or spacious terraces.

Project team