Hamburg’s spatial wonder: Appendix Altes Klöpperhaus
  • Location
  • Project
    Revitalization of a listed building
  • Client
    Art-Invest Real Estate
  • Architect of record
    Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer
  • Planning and construction period
  • Service phases
  • Gross floor area (AG/BG)
    1,300 m²/130 m²
  • Awards
    Architecture MasterPrize 2020;
    Architizer A+ Award 2020;
    German Design Award 2020;
    International Design Awards 2019;
    Iconic Awards 2019
  • Photos
  • This project is from the joint period of meyerschmitzmorkramer.

Though Hamburg’s city center is densely developed, a small widened segment of Willy-Brandt-Strasse on Görttwiete presented an opportunity for densification within the existing buildings. In 2018, on behalf of Art-Invest, we renovated the historically listed Appendix Altes Klöpperhaus, built in 1911, adding two floors and a roof terrace. Additionally, we extended it with a six-floor glass tower on the adjacent plot, measuring only 129 square meters. As the Appendix was previously accessed through the Alte Klöpperhaus building, severing the connection eliminated its entrance. The new entry to the Appendix is now located in the adjoining glass tower we constructed.

Thinking ahead, building ahead

Our goal was to unify the old Appendix building, its two-floor extension, and the new tower – into a cohesive yet striking ensemble within the confined space, while adhering to historical preservation guidelines and existing structural considerations. The roof of the original building was stripped back to the cornice and expanded by two floors clad in dark metal panels aligned with the facade below. The extension’s large windows also align with the axes of the existing structure. A rooftop terrace now tops the building, accessible from the top floor of the adjoining new construction. Positioned on a narrow opening at the block’s edge, the six-floor building is accentuated by cantilevered upper floors and a small arcade at ground level. We juxtaposed the ornate charm of the old building with a sleek glass facade that dynamically envelops the tower’s rounded corners.

Bridging past and present

The new building contains 725 square meters of gross floor area over six floors, offering loft-like spaces with impressive four-meter-high ceilings. However, it’s not only the spacious interiors that captivate but also the spectacular panoramic views provided by the floor-to-ceiling glass facade. The vantage point from the terrace at this unique location is particularly remarkable, offering a glimpse of the historic city layout. At ground level, Görttwiete’s historic footpath connecting Rödingsmarkt and Hopfenmarkt was preserved. Through the development of Goerttwiete, we want to create a bridge to the many chapters of the city’s eventful history.

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