Answers on AI and Digitization in Architecture
Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer for KAP-Forum

At the KAP Forum for Architecture & Urban Development, co-founder Andreas Grosz posed questions about digitization and the use of artificial intelligence in the building trade. Exciting answers were supplied by Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer and the bot ChatGPT, Dr. Christian Schlicht, Petra Rinnenburger, Tilman Gartmeier, Inga Stein-Barthelmes, Sander van de Rijdt, and Prof. Turadj Zarinfar.

The start of the contribution at KAP:

“If used wisely, digitization brings tremendous impetus to the industry. If everyone involved in construction is clear about how they can connect digitally and reposition themselves, totally new opportunities are created for cooperation and construction,” said author and structural engineer Weber-Lewerenz in an interview with KAP Forum.

We asked a variety of leaders from the building sector, including architects, real estate economists, project developers, construction companies, urban planners, and scientists, how digitization and AI can help us to cope with the challenges of the building sector.

ChatGPT’s answers to these same questions are also noteworthy and interesting.

KAP interview