Frankfurter Volksbank
Building the Next Chapter of an Architectural Legacy
  • Location
    Frankfurt am Main
  • Project
    Revitalization and new construction of an office building
  • Procedure
    Competition (1st prize)
  • Client
    Frankfurter Volksbank eG
  • Architect of record
    Holger Meyer
  • Planning and construction period
  • Service phases
  • Gross floor area
    25,950 m²/8,550 m²
  • Photos
  • This project is from the joint period of meyerschmitzmorkramer.

Börsenstrasse 1 had been the head office of Frankfurter Volksbank since 1878, but by the turn of the millennium, the building, rebuilt in the 1950s after wartime destruction, was showing its age. The bank planned to move its offices to a revitalized adjacent building and replace the aging corner building with a new structure. Our concept, which embraced a holistic approach to integrating both the old and new buildings under a unified design while preserving their distinct identities, successfully passed the appraisal process. In 2006, Volksbank relocated to its new main branch, and by 2009, the modern commercial property that replaced the original building was completed. This project added approximately 25,000 square meters of gross floor space for offices and commercial premises, along with about 100 underground parking spaces, in a prime inner-city location.

Bustling with life

The eight-story block at Börsenstrasse 7-11 has been given a contemporary update with a new facade made of light-colored Trosselfels limestone. We transformed its appearance by replacing the narrow continuous window bands with large vertical openings that span two stories each. Dark, lightweight metal window elements are recessed, adding depth to the facade, while spandrel glass plates in front align flush with the natural stone surface. Instead of simply extending into the distance, the building now stands out prominently as a focal point in the cityscape. The natural stone cladding extends between the windows of the bank’s offices down to the street level. Meanwhile, the two stores flanking the passageways into the block are slightly set back and fully glazed, creating a pavilion-like effect.

Around the corner

The new building at the prominent Börsenplatz 1 occupies an L-shaped footprint extending into the block’s interior. It offers seven floors of high-quality, flexible office space available for rent, while the ground floor houses space for dining and upscale shopping. A notable architectural feature is the two-story-high arcade that wraps around the corner, guiding passers-by into the pedestrian zone and giving the building an elegant pedestal. This new building directly adjoins the existing building on both sides. The upper five stories, clad in Trosselfels limestone, are neatly gridded to maximize daylight in the offices. The design reinterprets the neighboring building’s motif of indented windows set behind spandrel glass. The corner cuts a striking figure in the cityscape with its cleanly aligned openings and arcade supports framing a clear view of the recessed storefront’s elegant curve.

Project team
  • Holger Meyer
  • Holger Jahnel
  • Margarete Openkowski
  • Andrea Bär
  • Ilka Frömel
  • Sibylle Lienhard