New York the Village
Loft living: open spaces, inspiring views, and a taste of the world
  • Location
  • Project
    New construction of exclusive apartments
  • Client
    Patrick Klotzbach Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH
  • Planning and construction period
  • Service phases
  • Gross floor area (AG/BG)
    10,600 m²/4,400 m²
  • Photos
    Stefan Schilling
  • This project is from the joint period of meyerschmitzmorkramer.

Inspired by the vibrant neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, with New York – The Village, we reimagined stylistic cues like the structured brick facades, striking window layouts, and iconic fire escapes. Since its inception in 2014, this community of 55 loft apartments blends charmingly into the vibrant Pempelfort district, remarkably revitalized thanks to the redevelopment of the former goods station. The five new buildings, each five stories tall with staggered levels, line the perimeter of a trapezoidal plot, wall to wall. To the southwest, facing Schirmerstrasse, the courtyard opens to the urban landscape. Legible as an ensemble while showcasing distinct variations in facade detailing, window formats, brick color, and decorative elements, the buildings Flat Iron, Soho, Tribeca, Chelsea, and Greenwich Village convey an evolved sense of urban diversity.

New York in Pempelfort

Nestled along a footpath leading to the new Berty Albrecht Park, the brick buildings feature a private front area enclosed by a low wall and evergreen hedges. At the western edge stands Flat Iron, aptly named for its distinctive iron-shaped tip, reminiscent of its iconic namesake in New York. The facade design maintains a remarkable consistency: warm gray clinker brick envelops the building, following its unique geometry, as do the large mullioned windows, crafted from dark lacquered wood and rounded at the tip of the building. Directly adjacent is Soho, featuring a sculptural, red brick facade, typical of both Düsseldorf and New York, with characteristic arched windows distinguishing the topmost (fourth) floor. Chelsea exudes sophistication with champagne-colored clinker brick and curved sheet metal accents in the same hue. In contrast, Greenwich Village captivates with its rough dark gray clinker brick facade complemented by black sheet metal and narrow, mullion-free windows, and rounded at the corners. Completing the ensemble, Tribeca echoes the gray brick materiality of Flat Iron. With its varied colored clinker bricks and surfaces that have been partially reworked hand-reworked surfaces, New York – The Village creates a vibrant yet cohesive streetscape.

Lots of Space, Lots of Light

With just a few exceptions, the 55 loft apartments span 170 square meters, while the penthouses enjoy up to 231 square meters. What unites them all is an abundance of space and natural light, right in the heart of the city. Open layouts, expansive windows, and lofty three-meter ceilings create a bright, airy atmosphere. Outfitted with durable oak parquet and natural stone, these high-quality lofts blend contemporary comforts with a spacious loft aesthetic. Each unit features a generous balcony or loggia sheltered within the courtyard, while penthouses boast rooftop terraces and ground-level residences enjoy private gardens. Each building has its own street address and entrance, welcomed by bright, individually designed lobbies. The underground parking garage provides space for 110 vehicles.

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