Services and Approach
caspar. handles all construction tasks in all phases. The way we do this, however, sometimes differs from common practice. In addition, we also offer services that go beyond the classic spectrum - from urban planning to research and programming.

Our architecture excels in all construction tasks across every phases: new builds, renovations, and urban revitalization – across office spaces, residential buildings, and high-rises. We design with people at the center of architecture, without making them the measure of all things. Our approach fuses ecological and economic-efficiency, combining cutting-edge digital technologies with time-tested methods. Our building practice positions architecture at the center of sustainability, balancing environmental, social, and financial factors. Our philosophy integrates functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. With a dynamic, dialogue-driven mindset, we treat each project as a strategy for a better future and an opportunity to advance the construction industry.

Urban planning

We build neighborhoods. We repair, expand, develop, and revitalize areas, creating dynamic quarters tat honor their historical and architectural contexts. We design functional, mixed-use spaces that foster relationships within the built environment. We understand the importance of the vital  spaces between buildings, such as open spaces, meeting spots, and recreational zones. And we ensure these spaces are economically and functionally aligned. With the old European city in our hearts and our eyes on the future we integrate and contribute to the latest insights into urban transformation, from densification to sustainable mobility.


We envision interior architecture as an extension of the overarching aesthetic- and functional vision from exterior to interior, while also championing independent, customized solutions. Integrating elements from a single source always adds value. Especially in office construction – a key area of our expertise – where architecture and interior design now converge more closely and intensively than ever in the era of New Work. The demand for mixed functionality increasingly manifests not only in urban planning and building design but also in flexible, highly functional, and comfortable spaces, enhanced by toughtful furnishing concepts. It is both our mission and our pleasure to consistently create interiors with an original, personalized flair.


Our strength lies in integrating traditional sustainability practices – often sidelined in our modern times – with pioneering digital technologies like BIM and Madaster.

For example, at the initial stage of the design process, we prioritize essential ”analogue” sustainability decisions, such as optimizing building orientation for wind and sunlight and selectig environmental friendly materials. Additionally, our think tank caspar.esearch expands our perspective by incorporating broader sustainability aspects, including the interplay of social and economic factors.

As projects advance, our digital expertise enables to conduct energy analyses and optimizations. This proficiency also supports the efficient and comprehensive (re)use of building materials at the end of a structure’s lifecycle.

We offer a range of digital sustainability services, including Carbon Cost Analysis (CCA), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Building Material Passport (GMP), and sufficiency analyses.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) and Digitalization

The construction industry has experienced profound transformation through digitalization for decades, and this evolution sees no end in sight. Innovations in material registration and recycling, such as Madaster, coupled with advancements in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and artificial intelligence, are reshaping processes at an unexpected pace. caspar. is at the forefront of these developments.

BIM has become a cornerstone of digitalization in architecture and construction. Model-based work is now essential, setting the standard for contemporary projects. caspar. holds a seat on the board of the BIM Alliance in Germany and is continuously enhancing project efficiency through advanced information modeling and innovative services like overall project coordination and sustainability management – all things that provide substantial benefits to our clients, improving quality, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

caspar. is also a founding sponsor of the digital material platform Madaster, recipient of the  German Sustainability Award 2024 and a key player in material passports and circularity in construction. Our ongoing partnership with Madaste deepens our expertise in material management.

Research und Programming

caspar.esearch is caspar.’s interdisciplinary, in-house think tank. It gathers, synthesizes, and interweaves insights from society, culture, business, journalism, enhanced by our continuous systematic dialogue with other firms in the industry. This integration significantly enriches our design content and methodologies. During the critical “programming” phase (Service Phase 0), which sets the scope, resources, possibilities-, and potential of a project before the actual design work begins, these “soft” factors prove as vital as technical design expertise. Our dedication to these dimensions is why caspar. maintains a staff rich in humanities backgrounds – enabing us to contextualize projects more effectively than others. This expertise is a key advantage in complex projects that require balancing diverse social factors or integrating multiple uses. It also enhances our clients’ marketing and communications efforts: We don’t just construct buildings; we craft their narratives.