Taunusanlage 8
Sophisticated Newcomer to the City’s Silhouette
  • Location
  • Project
    New construction of a high-rise office building with underground parking
  • Client
    Credit Suisse Asset Management Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH
  • Architect of record
    Holger Meyer
  • Planning and construction period
  • Service phases
    2–4, 5 (key details), 8 (concept lead)
  • Gross floor area (AG/BG)
    36,000 m²/7,000 m²
  • Awards
    German Design Award 2019;
    Iconic Awards 2018
  • Photos
  • This project is from the joint period of meyerschmitzmorkramer.

The T8 high-rise ensemble, named Winner of the Innovative Architecture category at the ICONIC AWARDS 2018, stands at a prime location in Frankfurt’s banking district. The “T” in its name stands for Taunusanlage, an attractive inner-city green space situated directly across from the new building. On behalf of Credit Suisse Asset Management, a good 29,000 square meters of high-quality office space were created across 17 floors, accompanied by a spacious and multifunctional lobby.

Elegant Presence

The T8, clad in light-colored Trosselfels limestone with recessed bronze-anodized window profiles, rises gracefully. Its small-gridded design blends harmoniously into the Frankfurt skyline, while the six-story front buildings facing Taunusanlage match the scale of nearby standalone structures. The rooftop terraces of the front buildings offer expansive views of the greenery that once formed part of the city’s fortress ring. These terraces are extensively landscaped and adjoin the conference area on the 6th floor of the main building. The recess of the H-shaped footprint forms an elegant vertical seam at the front of the building, extending the full height of the structure. The entrance to the 17-meter-high glass lobby is through an elevated natural stone portal from Taunusanlage, positioning it as a focal point within the building. Inside, the lobby features a centrally located reception desk crafted from high-quality natural stone, serving as a solitary piece that draws attention. This area provides access to the elevator groups and stairwells.

Focused Atmosphere

We designed the interior of the small deli, accessible from the entrance hall, using natural materials such as oak and slate. These elements provide an atmospheric contrast to the black ceilings and walls. Directly across, the rental unit is designed as a separate, exclusive reception area for the office spaces above. For special events, the three areas on the ground floor can transform into one large, impressive space by fully opening six portals. The offices across the 15 rising floors offer flexible layout options, accommodating everything from individual and combined offices to open-plan solutions. With clear room heights of over three meters, they maintain a sense of spaciousness regardless of configuration. All essential building services are discreetly integrated into the ceiling sails, ensuring a clean and focused atmosphere. T8 embodies the latest in urban office architecture and adheres to an exemplary sustainability model, earning it LEED Platinum certification.

Project team
  • Holger Meyer
  • Bernd Ernst
  • Thomas Schulz
  • David Elsäßer
  • Murat Büyüklüoglu
  • Petra Fischer
  • Tamara Kähm
  • Agnes Kösker
  • Tino Koch
  • Angela Specht
  • Yvonne Langer
  • Antje Veldman
  • Florian Wildberger