Change of Scenery: New Work, New Creations.
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    Conversion and extension of an old barn into a workshop and event location
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The Körschgeshof (also called Kyrgeshof) stands as a testament to the agricultural heritage and production practices of the Lower Rhine region. Built in 1906, this historic three-winged brick building is still a vibrant hub where people live and work, although the emphasis has shifted from fruit and vegetable production to broader engagements with the building, the city, the community, and the environment (see also Apfelhof). We preserved many of the original elements and atmosphere of the Dreiseithof while carefully updating these features with high-quality materials and adding our own distinctive touch. Since 2022, our satellite office, caspar.lab, has been nestled in the courtyard’s middle wing. We converted the barn into a multifunctional space where many activities are possible: workshops, meetings, research, and social events – all encouraging us to step away from our usual urban working environment.

House within a House

We transformed the barn by stripping it of all its fixtures, exposing the brickwork, installing a new ceiling, and pouring a continuous floor. The resulting large, elongated room is double-height, featuring two offices at one end, one above the other, overlooking the hall. Doors and gates on both sides open out onto the courtyard and the landscape. One corner of the hall is designed as a lounge with comfortable seating and a wall of books. We divided the large area with an almost 14-meter-long, single-story oak installation, creating a room within a room. This space blends openness with privacy. Slats above and along the sides provide enclosure while maintaining a sense of connection to the larger space. Inside, there are cozy areas for working in smaller groups, featuring a table that doubles for working and dining, along with a fully equipped kitchen and bar. There is also ample space for a long planning board and big ideas.

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