Nearly Completed: Petit Jardin, Mönchengladbach
Living in the green in the middle of the city

The first tenants have moved into their new homes in the Petit Jardin quarter. Once the final work is completed in September, all 71 residential units in the Eicken district will be filled with life.

Living in the green in the middle of the city? On the site of a former secondary school a quarter with five apartment buildings of different sizes is being built, located in a park. We will close the Wilhelminian style perimeter block on Gneisenaustraße and place four point blocks in the green space inside the block. “The calm, well-proportioned clinker brick facade integrates into the historic context and has a strength and longevity of its own,” said Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer during a press tour in June. The loosened structure allows to preserve almost all of the old plane trees. 75 car parking spaces and 150 for bikes in an underground garage are accessible from Gneisenaustraße.

Photo (from left to right): Patrick Smague (GNOME), Oliver Bähren (Sparkasse Mönchengladbach), Ulrich Schückhaus (EWMG), Sabrina Handke (Kaufmännische Projektleitung), Caspar Schmitz-Morkramer, Ralf Grewe (Sparkasse Mönchengladbach)

Client/Photos: GNOME Immobilien GmbH
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